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  • How can I best use the deck and with what ages?
    We love how versatile this deck is and how it meets you where you're at! For babies: Like animal flashcards, parents will enjoy sharing these colorful portraits to help their baby identify and learn the words for 45 different captivating creatures. For kids: Step 1: Open the box and take out the book and stack of cards. Step 2: Choose a card. you can shuffle the cards face down and pick one without looking, or you can spread them out on a table face up or down and grab the one that is calling to you. You can also ask a question like, "What message is important for me right now?" and then follow the steps above! Step 3: Find the animal story that matches your card! The animals are in alphabetical order for easy searching or you can use the table of contents to help you find the exact page number. Read the STORY, interact with the PLAY and have some fun imagining what it would be like to transform into that animal! Step 4: Once you're ready to return to your human brain, turn to the LEARN section and read some trivia questions about today's chosen animal. After you've taken your best guess or quizzed a partner, flip to the answer section to discover fantastic facts about your scaly, furry or feathered friend! Step 5: Think about this affirmation as you trot through your day. Whisper it to yourself when you're wanting a reminder about how your chosen animal would react. Explore the magic of these incredible creatures that live in habitats around the world!!
  • Are the cards safe for babies?
    YES!!! The "I CAN BE ANYTHING" cards are made with high quality, eco-friendly material and printed with soy ink for the courageous babies who often like to explore their vast world through their mouths (haha). **As a reminder your baby should always be supervised while using the deck to ensure their safety.
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