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KIDS + COVID: How to Help Them Cope in Quarantine

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

As we approach the one year mark since lockdown began, parents are still wondering, “how can I help my kids get through this?!” Many parents report that their children are feeling stressed, lonely, and bored. These emotions can cause kids to withdraw, act out or cry easily. Just as we adults cycle through a variety of feelings throughout the day and week, it’s important to validate similar emotions in our children.

Here are 5 ways you can support your little one through this pandemic and ease the transition back into society.

1. Name that feeling!

Assist your child in identifying and labeling their feelings. Remember, no feelings are “bad” feelings- as humans we all experience a range of emotions and shouldn’t feel guilty or broken on darker days.

By owning your feelings, your child will learn that feelings come and go naturally. We love THIS idea on using colors to help kids express their emotions!

2. Reframe the situation

Offset the negative messaging children are exposed to by modeling an attitude of resilience.

Help your child to build a positive perspective and growth mindset by highlighting the new skills they’ve developed- improved perseverance, independence, and compassion!

Reflect on the transformation and development that has occurred and remind your child that hard times pass and pave the way for growth. Use our I CAN BE ANYTHING affirmation cards to incorporate this language into your daily conversations and empower your child to embrace the many facets of their unique personality.

3. Take time to be PLAYFUL like the dolphin!

Run through the sprinklers! Build a pillow fort! Go for a bike ride! Take advantage of the flexible schedule to get some fresh air each day. If you live in a cold climate, get creative about ways to get exercise- host a 5 minute dance party or try partner yoga to get your heart pumping. As newly oxygenated blood flows through your veins, you and your munchkin will feel rejuvenated and high on endorphins.


While this year has been full of delayed celebrations and postponed adventures, it has been an incredible opportunity for self-reflection and discovery. Talk to your child about topics of curiosity and observe their learning style. If your wild child enjoys walking in nature, research different insects when you return. If your little engineer-in-the-making loves tinkering, find an old appliance to disassemble. If your social butterfly is missing friends, encourage them to get crafty and become penpals.

Use this opportunity to get to know your child better and strengthen your bond by pursuing new interests

5. Practice mindfulness and hit pause on the to do list

Mindfulness is really just the practice of being present in the moment. This can be achieved with guided meditations for kids, or simply by being intentional about what you’re doing. When eating a meal, encourage your little one to take a moment to enjoy each flavor and texture. Sit outside and activate each of your senses. Make a mental list together of 5 things you’re grateful for.

As a parent, you already know that it takes superhuman strength and energy to balance all of the responsibilities.

Check out our I CAN BE ANYTHING animal affirmation deck for a FUN way to incorporate each of these suggestions in a new way each day!


Kangaroo Kisses,


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