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“Such a unique and amazing gift for my toddler. She will be able to grow with this for many years to come. At 18 months, she loved looking at all the animals on the cards. At 2, we now use them for flash cards to help her learn words. The ways these cards can be used is endless - positive affirmations to build confidence, games, learning, animal facts, etc. I have no doubt she will use these cards for a long time. The artwork is absolutely stunning, the packaging is high quality and the information in the booklet is so well curated. Worth every penny!”

— Noelle


“​As a clinical psychology doctoral student, I recognize the value in teaching kids things like resilience, empowerment, self-worth, and overall emotional regulation; so, I originally bought this for my niece to use as she grows up to help her build these important skills to succeed in this increasingly stressful world. However, I quickly realized this deck is full of affirmations for me too!

I just drew my affirmation before this review, and it was exactly what I needed to hear! Plus, I got to feel like a kid by learning some cool animal facts to use next time conversation among adults gets a little boring!

Also, these cards are BEAUTIFUL and every time I open the box, it feels a little magical! Overall, this deck and accompanying discovery book are well-worth the money!!"

— Psy D Candidate Lauren

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