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45 Positive Affirmation Cards:

Get ready to howl, I CAN BE ANYTHING!!! The 45 animal affirmation cards and discovery book waiting inside this treasure box will guide you on an inspiring lifelong journey of exploration. 

Every time a kiddo picks a card from this deck of affirmation cards, they are invited to ignite their imagination and celebrate their unique genius.


We designed the affirmation cards and discovery book with the tools to empower kids to build confidence, courage, and compassion. With the help of these mindfulness cards for kids, children will learn how to regulate their nervous system, and navigate their big emotions through FUN.

These affirmation cards offer a simple and playful method to learn as a family, with peers, and at school. Children are already intrigued and inspired by animals, so our hand-painted animal portraits provide the perfect opportunity for learning about new  vocabulary, facts and building a practice of daily intention setting, An affirmation for children can provide comfort and support during challenging times. 

Our "I CAN BE ANYTHING" deck includes 45 affirmations for kids:

I am playful like the dolphin.

I am self-reliant like the crocodile.

I am helpful like the horse.

I am courageous like the lion.

I am independent like the tiger.

I am nurturing like the penguin.

I am resilient like the lizard.

I am social like the monkey.

I am grateful like the sea turtle.

I am powerful like the polar bear.

I am unique like the peacock.

I am wise like the owl.

I am compassionate like the elephant.

I am joyful like the hummingbird.

I am flexible like the snake.

I am focused like the cheetah.

I am instinctual like the wolf.

I am safe like the shark.

I am important like the rooster.

I soar like the eagle.

I am quick thinking like the rabbit.

I am resourceful like the otter.

And many more........

Join the adventure!


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  • PLAY is POWERFUL! I CAN BE ANYTHING's combination of words and imagery is a science-backed technique to help your Little Luminary remember what they learn while they're having fun.  Affirmation for children, Hand-painted animal portraits, mindfulness cards for kids, kid-friendly affirmation cards, engaging stories, interactive play, and brain-boosting trivia support every kind of learner. 

    Plus, every thing in affirmation cards deck is printed on environmentally friendly, socially responsible FSC Certified paper to honor the habitats of animals we love.

    Box Dimensions: 16cm x 11cm x 4cm
    Cards: 10cm x 14 3/4cm
    Weight: 1lb 1oz

  • We will gladly take your affirmation cards deck back (and donate it to a child in need) if it is within 30 calendar days. It must be in its original packaging, and all 45 animal affirmation cards are healthy (the deck is unused).

    You will be responsible for paying your own shipping costs.