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Did you know that repetition of positive affirmations is scientifically proven to build neural pathways in the brain enhancing one's mental wellness?

The little luminaries you love will harness the magic of this animal affirmation medallion by nurturing healthy mindsets and self worth while connecting with their favorite friends.


Let this pendant be a constant reminder for your child that they are “INSTINCTUAL like the WOLF” and can trust their inner guru when they tune in and listen.


Every pendant is hand drawn and then laser engraved into alder wood, it hangs on eco-friendly teal hemp cord with an opalite gemstone amplifying inner peace by helping to balance emotions, and enhance communication.

Check out all 12 animal pendant pal designs and choose the animal & affirmation your kiddo resonates the most with or the supports them in cultivating new qualities! :)

Our pendants pair PURRRfectly with our I CAN BE ANYTHING animal affirmation deck -- the animal pals from the deck have matching affirmations to the pendants!!

Wolf Animal Affirmation Pendant Pal